Beards, Flares, Dragons & Letters

Download the BFD&L brochure (Size: 3mb)

Autumn may be just around the corner, but here at ulga HQ there’s still a mighty chunk of summer love in the air.

Beards, Flares, Dragons & Letters is a collection of this summer’s brightest moments all rolled into one neat little package. Take a quick butchers below – or indulge yourself. Download the PDF and take a closer look at the treats on offer.

BFD&L is packed full of summer loving – hot passionate design to brighten up those long dark evenings. Get back into the holiday groove with a rollcoaster ride of fonts, lettering and illustration. Every single letter, curve, swash and beard has been lovingly created for your pleasure and enjoyment. There’s even a dragon to keep the barby burning.

The flares are on and they’re looking good. I’m Stayin’ Alive with the Bee Gees. So go on, enjoy. Crack open a party pack and splash on the sun cream. Summer’s back – dive into the ulganation.

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