Cupp Cave vs Copperplate

I’ve been waiting patiently for the new Retina Waves CD by Belgian beatsmith Cupp Cave to be released. Not because I like the music – it’s described on the genre listing as: Beats / Downtempo / Boogie and I am a ingrained over-the-hill-mashed-up-metalhead-goth – I just wanted to see the lettering on the packaging.

Independent record label Ramp Recordings were looking for some hand-drawn calligraphy for the packaging design and asked me to send over some sketches. First of all, I did a Google image search for Retinal Waves to see if I could any inspiration and was immediately struck by the graphs of oscillating waves. The stylised copperplate at the bottom  of Fig 1 is directly influenced by the shapes of the retinal waves and this the style that was chosen.

As well the artist and title, I produced the track listings and copyright information, which was applied to the packaging on both CD and 12″ vinyl.

Fig 1: Initial sketched ideas

Copperplate sketches

Figs 2–4: Examples of copperplate lettering on CD packaging

CD spine lettering

CD back cover

CD song listings

You can listen to a few samples of the tracks here at Boomkat.

Whether you need lettering for packaging or a book jacket or perhaps you have a poem or a dedication and want some personalised calligraphy – why not get in touch and make my fingers tingle.

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