New sans-serif design in the pipeline

orchid sans coming in 2012

For a long time I’ve been itching to design a new sans-serif family but never seemed to get it off the ground. I designed Charlotte Sans (at Letraset) many moons ago at the start of the digital age. It’s still popular but I never got the chance to really develop it into a full-fledged family.

Recently though I was commissioned to design a new logo (and a new website, which is work in progress) for a client and decided to draw a bespoke font for the project. I tried out various examples and eventually they settled on a condensed italic style.

However, one of the rejected styles was a variation on Charlotte Sans and this also provided a perfect opportunity to work up the design into a full alphabet. It’s early days and these examples are first drafts, so there are still some bumps and shapes to clean up.

The first stage is to draw up light, book, semi-bold and bold variants along with corresponding italics. I hope to finish the family sometime late in 2012. After that I plan to start work on a condensed version and finally a semi-sans too.


See more of my work-in-progress fonts

Orchid Sans specimen

Orchid Sans specimen 2

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