Typographic Postcards

To celebrate the start of 2014 I’ve designed four typographic postcards using a mixture of hand lettering, existing fonts and a few fonts which I’m still working on.

Click/tap a postcard to download an A5 hi-res PDF version.

Typographic postcard 1
Font: Untitled, new font (work in progress) inspired by Roundhand calligraphy.
Fonts: Title is Strindberg Roman, new font (work in progress), text is Charlotte Sans, The sun illustration is from Type Embellishments Two and Hello is hand lettered.
ulga postcard 3
Orchid Sans (work in progress), with an inline/drop shadow variant.
Fonts: ULGA Stencil, new font (work in progress) and Charlotte Sans.

See more design work in my portfolio. If you would like to talk to me about a project please use the contact form, email me: michael@ulganate.com or phone Michael on 01473 723764.

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