The Beautiful Bet

A bold logo design and website help a football fan create an online community

The Beautiful Bet logo designe

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The Beautiful Bet is an online meeting place for football fans to air and share their views on the 'beautiful game'.

The client wanted a website that would appeal to knowledgeable fans interested in exchanging views with other fans, writing football-related articles and keeping up with the latest news – all in one place. Affiliate advertising would generate revenue with links to betting sites.

Logo design

The client already and wanted a bold sans serif with a football incorporated somewhere in the design. After trying out a few different variations an older style with a distinctive zig-zag pattern was chosen. I drew a slightly condensed bold sans serif with chamfered edges to give the letterforms soft edges, weighted to match the football device.

In a proverbial nod to the referee, the primary brand colour was specified as black.

The Beautiful Bet logo


The brief specified a website that would show user-generated content, news articles and affiliate advertising with backend functionality for members' to write and publish articles once they had signed up.

I roughed out some UI sketches before producing marked up HTML/CSS templates which were then handed over to a developer who integrated them into a CMS and database with the client's specified functionality.

The Beautiful Bet logo
The Beautiful Bet website

Promotional banners

To help promote the launch a series of banners were produced for social media and advertising. Each one plays on the name of a footballer (write for us = Ian Wright), their characteristics (beautiful game = George Best who was a good looking bloke) or a generic phrase (voice your opinion). The logo also neatly integrates with the football in the image.

Beautiful Bet banner 1 Beautiful Bet banner 2 Beautiful Bet banner 3 Beautiful Bet banner 4