Calligraphy ranging from bookcovers, to song lyrics and poems. Covering Suffolk, Norfolk, London and worldwide.

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List of vicars in Roundhand style and brush lettered titles
Advowson in Roundhand style and pen-drawn capitals with gold leaf initial
List of incumbents in Roundhand style with roman capitals and a painted border
Loose copperplate style
poem in Copperplate script with gold initial
contemporary copperplate script on cd packaging
Latvian poem in sans-serif style
Song lyrics in art nouveau style calligraphy with gold leafing
Roman capitals brush lettered
Quote in italic with Lombardic style capitals and gold leaf
Calligraphic title page design
Copperplate calligraphy
Quote by Nelson Mandela in pen-drawn capitals
Copperplate calligraphy
Book title in Copperplate style
Winnie the Pooh passage in Italic style
List of all doctors at a surgery
Informal spontaneous calligraphy
Italic calligraphy with swashes
Italic calligraphy with swashes announcement

I'm a calligrapher based in Ipswich, Suffolk, with more 20 years' experience in a range of styles, including italic, roundhand, copperplate and brush lettering.

Hand drawn calligraphy can bring your poem, song lyrics, bookcover, message etc to life and infuse it with personality in a way that is difficult to replicate using a computer.

For more information about calligraphy, the process and prices, please email me at