Edison House Group

A full visual makeover including logo design, bespoke font design, website and signage.

edison House exterior signage


Over the course of nearly 30 years, Edison House Group has grown from a small local electrical contractor into a multi-layered organisation. With its portfolio of brands, Edison House delivers a diverse range of quality products & services to its customers.

As the company has grown, it has branched out into new markets such as supplying furniture online. It is this ability to identify new openings and quickly change direction that has contributed to its success story – in 2016 they were listed 29th in the top 100 list (source: Suffolk Ltd 2016) of independent Suffolk businesses, ranked by turnover.

Logo design

The client wanted a clean, subtle logo that would sit in the background without dominating the other brands. At first I experimented with Gill Sans, but it just didn't quite work – although I couldn't put my finger on the problem...

So I redrew the characters from scratch with subtle differences, slightly more monolinear with less stress and flaring at the stroke endings.

Visual identity

A detailed guide was also produced for use by internal staff and external suppliers, ensuring the Edison House Group visual identity is presented consistently and professionally at all times.

Edison House logo
Edison House logo design

Custom typeface

As the project progressed, I gathered together all the letters that I'd already drawn for the logo and various pieces of signage and placed them in one document. I realised almost half the capitals had been designed – so I thought it would be fun to finish off the capital letters. After a few late nights and working lunches I'd designed the lowercase, numerals and punctuation.

Although the typeface is very similar to Gill Sans, Edison Sans' overall texture is more even and solid. The characters are less pronounced and the lowercase 'g' is a single story variant, which felt a bit more modern.

Edison House Sans font compared to Gill Sans
Edison House Sans compared to Gill Sans

There are still a few tweaks to be made before the typeface is finally finished, however, it is being tested on various projects. The result is a very legible typeface that works well at both display and text sizes, with just enough character to make it distinctive, yet subtly harmonise the visual identity.

Edison House Sans font characters
Edison House Sans bespoke font


Various signage was designed for both inside & outside the building. The main entrance signs were fret cut aluminium fixed onto red brick. The side of the building is metal cladding, so a white built-up illuminated perspex letters were used. Inside, frosted vinyls were used along the CEO's office window.

All signage was produced and fitted by Hudson Signs. They did a fantastic job, and a great company to work with – ★★★★★ Five stars!

Edison House signage
Edison House internal & external signage.


I designed and hand-coded a static responsive website, and wrote some copy about the company's background and values. Primarily a brochure site, it showcases the various brands and also serves as a gateway to their individual websites.


Mugs and coasters were printed (also by Hudson) with the logo for internal use, and as promotional gifts for clients and suppliers.

Mug and coaster design
Promotional mug & coaster