A logo, website and promotional banners to showcase my typefaces, lettering & calligraphy.

edison House exterior signage


As well as graphic design I also dabble in all types of letterforms and wanted a separate brand to show my various typeface designs, monograms, logos and calligraphy.

ULGA has been my graphic design brand since around 2012 but I felt it was time to separate the lettering & type projects from the graphic & web design side as it was getting complicated trying to show the different disciplines.

Logo design

I've always been fond of creating designs from a single continuous line and this seemed to be the ideal opportunity to try it out. I also fancied a stamp device that could be detached from the text. A modified version of Rahere Sans Extra Bold was used for the text.

The yellow has always been the ULGA brand colour. As I like the fresh, bold quality I decided to keep it for ULGA Type and it also retains a connection between the two brands.

>ULGA Type logo design

Promotional banners

A series of promotional banners were created to show off the typefaces on their product pages.

ULGA Grid typeface
ULGA Grid promotional banner
Agatized Formal typeface
Agatized Formal promotional banner
Rahere Sans typeface family
Rahere Sans promotional banner
Agatized Informal typeface
Agatized Informal promotional banner


Rather than set up and a configure a CMS website I decided it was easier for me to use my own HTML templates & CSS stylesheets with my schoolboy knowledge of PHP to make the workflow process easier.

The finished website is fully responsive and provides a neat, manageable framework to show and update my various lettering and typeface projects.

As my typefaces are published through resellers, each typeface has an external link to its own product page where it can be purchased.

ULGA Type website homepage
ULGA Type website